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Anonymous asked:
how did you make your sidebar image bigger? and what font are you using for your posts notes?

bigger sidebar image:

  • go to #lpimage and then change the width to 245px (or bigger, its up to you)
  • then go to #lpimage img and change the width again to 245px

the font im using is arial

Anonymous asked:
how many followers do you have?

more than i deserve

Anonymous asked:
what theme are you using?
Anonymous asked:
I lav u

aw i love you too 

Anonymous asked:
I don't read that many fics but Keep the Car Running was amazing! Can you suggest some other fics you like.. Zarry heavy preferably but Larry or Zourry are fine too!

i dont read that many fics either, and havent read since i finished ktcr, it was so good that now its impossible for me to like something else, so basically i have nothing good to suggest, sorry

Anonymous asked:
Highly considering unfollowing zayn off twitter if he posts aNOTHER FREAKIG SELFIE LIKE ARE YOU A GQ MODEL OR IN A BOY BAND RUDE


Anonymous asked:
so I read the after fan fic with Harry and I think I went from a zayn to a Harry girl IM SO CONFUSDD ITS HURTS

nah you didn’t, the fanfic is just giving you a lot of harry feels, they’ll go away after some time, bc once you’re a zayn girl there’s no turning back believe me

Anonymous asked:
Hey! How are you? :) Been going through your blog *Sorry for being a stalker* I just think your blog is simply awesome! Mind telling me which video is the first gif from post/39216896533? Thanks!

aw thank you!! the gif is from this video :)

Anonymous asked:
Which video is this from, Filipa? =) /post/56788121379
Anonymous asked:
wheres your icon from!! !

here :)